Price: $10.99
(as of Mar 22,2021 12:38:08 UTC – Details)

  • Hot Green 10% Off stickers for retail stores. These sale stickers are 0.75″ (3/4″ of an inch which is the size of a penny). Made of a semi gloss paper and a strong back adhesive. There are 500 of these adhesive labels on a roll. We do add about 20 extra.
  • Perfect to use in thrift shops, resale stores and any retail clearance store. We have other % off stickers in different colors.

Retail Usage: This eye-catching label is perfect to use in a retail setting. This is perfect to clear out inventory that may be out of style or to make room for new arrivals. Since the adhesive is apparel safe, there are no worries about placing the sticker directly on the garment. The adhesive would work very well on hang tags, as the adhesive is strong enough to stay in place.
Percent Off Stickers: If you want to use percent off stickers but you need other percentages, we do have an array of options. Please check out our additional inventory. We have percentages starting at 10% and up with the option of a blank % off as well. You would have the ability to add in your own number. Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask, we are more than happy to help.
Made in the USA: Our labels are made in the United States of America. Our facility is located in Salt Lake City, Utah to be specific. We are committed to using eco-friendly inks which are made with a water-based solvent. If you have questions about the process of how we make labels, please let us know. We would be happy to explain the process.
500 Labels per Roll: Each roll will contain 500 labels. Since the shape of the label is round and the liner is easy to peel, you will find this makes the labeling process fast and efficient. If you are labeling a multitude of items, this is the perfect roll of labels for you. Just peel and stick and you have a crisp message of a percent off which your customers will love.
Apparel Safe: You will be happy to know that the adhesive we use on the back of our percent off stickers is apparel safe. What does that mean exactly? It means that you will be able to place the sticker directly on your garments without the worry of residue being left behind. Just simply remove the sticker from the liner and place where you would like the percent off sticker to be shown. Perfect for shirts, pants, tops, dresses, and more. Outer Dimension is 2.1875 inches; Core size is 1 inch.